Yes, Softlinx can block faxes (inbound and outbound).


  • On the spam filtering front, we do not currently have a means of filtering out spam, as it would require a major rework of our system. Determined spammers can get around filters and blocks by using alternative numbers. If possible, it is always best to work with the sender to see if an inbound number can be blacklisted on their end.
  • If reaching out to the sender is not an option, please open a ticket via and provide us with the fax IDs and fax numbers that are sending spam. After reviewing and confirming, we will block the numbers internally.


  • In the event that a recipient requests that we do not send any faxes to their number, we have a means of blacklisting that number in our database. Once blacklisted, all faxes to that number will end up in automatic failure.