1. Open a ticket via with the number(s) that you need to port out.
  2. Softlinx support will provide you with a screenshot of the number(s) with our carrier's logo at the top. This will suffice for proof of ownership.
  3. The gaining carrier will need to send the LSR/port-out request and the provided screenshot to
  4. Once our carrier receives the request, Softlinx will get notified to approve the port out.
  5. Softlinx will approve the port out and add notes to the ticket when there are updates.
  6. Once the port-out is completed, the number will be removed from our databases and the ticket will be closed out.

Additional Information:

  • End-user's business name - Client's business name (or personal name for residential ports)
  • Account number - This can be one of the numbers porting out - Telnyx does not utilize account numbers
  • BTN - This can be any of the numbers being ported out too
  • Request Full Port - we never cancel or disconnect any other services on the account
  • Address - This can be any address within the US